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Mascot Cement Additive

Kingkong Instan Powder

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Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Multi colours

Paint that can replace wallpaper or natural stone, with a very easy to use..


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PT. INDOWIRA PUTRA is a company engaged in building materials, particularly industrial paints and thinners.
On his way after a dozen years of competing in the market production of paints and thinners, we continually strive to make quality paint at an affordable price.
Consumer satisfaction in using our paint products are our pride and we continue to strive to follow the changing times in the paint industry.
Supported by sophisticated laboratory and human resources that have proven their skills, we are ready to develop wings, become one of the factory paint is accounted for in terms of quality in Indonesia.

Some of the brands for which we have paint production :



For more information contact us :
0813 3299 9989 or 031 7209 9989
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Wall paint is a general term used for products that give color to an object or objects by coating the surface with color.

Almost all use traditional wall paint to beautify the appearance. Excess of the paint is having a lot of colors, according to the tastes of the owners and easily applied to the outer wall or inner wall.

A good paint should be able to coat the surface of the wall and can be attached properly.

Paint the walls according to its function there are 2 kinds:
- Interior paint to paint the walls, the paint should be safe, in the sense of not detrimental to health, non-toxic     and environmentally friendly
- Exterior paint to paint the outside walls, the paint must be heat resistant, UV resistant, waterproof, and   resistant fungus or mildew.

This makes the price more expensive than the Exterior Paint Interior Paint.
 Equipment used for paint are:
- Brush: to paint a small area
- Roller: to paint a broad field, speed painting




Zync chromate paint is including iron paint or paint base or primer paintcoating which has excellent strength. This special coating, very well used for objects made of metal, such as a house or factory fence, steel building construction, furniture, tralis, roofing tin, iron staircase, and so forth.
Zync on Zync chromate pigments have anti corrosion / rust so that your investmentcan last for years. In general, the colour is green.

Meiji Zync Chromate